Online training on AI in education

Online training on AI in education

The use of AI in education: a curse or a blessing? This free online training aims to provide you with a comprehensive, nuanced and substantiated overview of the potential of AI in education. 

What impact does AI have on education? Do we have to change our manner of instruction? What ethical aspects of AI-based tools do you have to keep in mind? There are many debates to what extent AI can play a role in both the learning and teaching process. In order to shed light on the topic, itec launched a free online training ‘AI in Education’.

The training aims to highlight the potential of AI in education by combining academic insights with practical examples. 

The online training contains four modules: 

1. The Relationship between AI and Education

We explain the broad spectrum of AI and its applications, viewed from a pedagogical perspective. Additionally, we provide a brief overview of the history of AI in education, emphasizing the differences between ‘Good Old-Fashioned Artificial Intelligence’ and ‘Machine Learning’.

2. The black box of AI: all about data

In this module, we’ll explore which data types are typically collected in AI tools and how they each contribute to adaptive learning.

3. Challenges of AI in Education

AI does not come without its challenges: technically, ethically, but also on the implementational level. How do we keep these in mind while also considering various stakeholders within a complex educational network?

4. Tinkering with AI in Education

Are you an AI enthusiast or sceptic? We explore how to best navigate AI trends and hypes in education and examine how AI can enhance education by serving as a useful tool for teachers and students. Practical guidelines and insights are provided for a responsible and meaningful integration of AI in education.

You can now access the e-learning. Simply register to receive your login credentials. 

Happy learning!

    • Course duration: 5 to 7 hours
    • Language: English
    • Target group: teachers, students, EdTech enthusiasts, policy makers… Anyone curious about the impact of AI in the classroom. 

More on AI in Education?

At itec, we believe that the future of AI in education and training lies at the intersection of human intelligence and technological intelligence. We created a positioning paper, in which we want to further unravel this idea together with the reader. We call for a nuanced point-of-view in the AI debate, wherein machines empower educational stakeholders and vice versa, ultimately strengthening education together. To do so, it is important to acknowledge limitations and risks that come along the way.

Online training on AI in education
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